Cast of characters:

Carne la Gata – Countess of Filiberto’s and uncontested ruler of the land


After narrowly escaping the flame-broiler at the aforementioned Mexican dining establishment, Carne roamed the mean streets of Mesa, AZ for countless cat-days. One blisteringly hot afternoon, she met a suave Tom Cat with a neck tattoo while lapping from the same gutter puddle. They hit it off, and one afternoon after a scorpion hunt, and too much nip, Carne woke up with a wicked hangover and minor pregnancy. Looking for a suitable place to give birth, she met her new mom (slave).

While the escape plan is constantly being refined, all previous attempts have been unsuccessful and Carne remains the original member of the pack.

Shamus – Saxophone-playing beatnik


He was still brand new, fuzzy, black, squeaky, and spunky when he found his new mom, and they have become inseparable. Shamus is the most kind, loving soul and is definitely the nicest of the bunch. With his soul-patch, sunglasses, and saxophone, nobody is more laid back, just don’t knock on the door or mess with his bed.

Shamus is all bark and a total sweetheart. He has the face-paint of a Rottweiler, and constantly has an ear to the ground, always vigilant.

Stella – Retired Brooklyn mob enforcer


Her name is Stella, but her street name is “Bunny the Breaker.” She’s a cigar-smoking, metal-bowl chewing troublemaker. Her rough and tumble upbringing, including an extended stay in the pen, gave her street smarts and a chip on her shoulder. She’s the strong silent type, but once she’s decided you’re cool, she’ll be up in your lap nosing around.

Luckily for her, she was unexpectedly sprung out of the joint and whisked off into witness protection with her new dad. She’s the youngest of the pack, but she doesn’t care.

Danielle – Paddleboarder, snowboarder, and the go getter


Hailing from Bean-town, Danielle is a strong, loud, opinionated sweetheart. Her time in Boston left her with the accent, you know – take an R from this word and put it in that word. “There’s no way we’re having pizzer for Eastah dinnah.” She’s worked in the mortgage industry for longer than she can remember, but really does it all to facilitate travel.

She spent a majority of her adult life in Arizona, but moved to Colorado for a change of scenery and access to the infamous outdoor lifestyle.

That’s where this Brady Bunch came together.

Charley – Avid pool player, snowboarder, joke teller, and the relaxed one


Born and raised in Denver, Charley is a mountain man. He’s tall, usually sporting a beard, and carries more tools than necessary. He’s the jack-of-all-trades type, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty fixing things. While he is the less adventurous of the pack, he’s great at taking Danielle’s dreams and making them happen. He’s the facilitator, driver, navigator, security director, and enforcer of the pack.

Together, we make one crazy/fun/loud/adorable pack of animals.